I've been doing art for a pretty long time...there was always something inside of me that knew this is what I wanted to do...I didn't know WHAT that something would be, I was just so convinced it was going to involve art in some way because that's the one thing I was passionate about that always made me happy. When I was 6 years old, while all my classmates were drawing stick figures as their self portraits, there I was....sitting at my desk....drawing detailed images of what I felt I looked like...I have always been the type of person that pays a lot of attention to detail, I think the secret to creating realistic looking images is being really aware and just noticing even the smallest things around you in the real world...Even though I have the capability of doing different styles of art, photo manipulation designs and motion art are honestly what I love to do the most. I've been a graphic designer for 13 years now. I have gained prior experience as a designer as well working for a few different companies in vodka, fine jewelry, and also nightlife in the past, all which I enjoyed being a part of.


My work spans across several media ranging from print to motion graphics. As far as the kind of pieces I personally love to create....I feel that because I'm a very nostalgic person I have this insane obsession with things from the past but at the same time I also catch myself wondering a lot about the future, so I end up creating things that are more science fiction based or that just touch on topics that I'm thinking about or feeling & most of the time I gravitate a lot to really dystopian looking settings. There's something about them that's just really raw and real about places that aren't perfect or where you realize reality isn't so pretty. I'm also really into political topics which is why I love mixing & using it across my work every now and then as well. 

My goal has always been to make people really FEEL something when they look at my work....I don't just do a design just to do it. I definitely have to feel something about what it is I'm making in order to create my best work. I want whoever is looking at my art to be transported into the world that I have created in my design because, I believe that a great artist has the ability to make another person rise out of themselves, and almost become the character or subject in the design....I know this because that is what other people’s art that I'm fascinated by, does to me when I look at it. I just want to inspire others, to make people excited about design or wanting to pursue their dreams, because as a creative I believe nothing in this world is impossible. I have a tendency to imagine the unimaginable and I honestly believe that I'm capable of doing anything the second I put my mind to it.

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