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My First NFT release is now officially

for sale on Foundation!

0.18 ETH

Good art is about communicating ideas, but also your feelings...and you can't do that unless you understand your own way of being in the world, how things make you respond, and what sort of response your art will evoke in other people. This applies not only to visual artist, but to other fields as well. Writing, acting, music, film...they're all about conveying information in non logical ways, and to do that you need to understand yourself and be willing to let people see the inner self that others try to keep hidden. Revealing yourself in your art takes courage, and some people never get there, despite practicing and becoming technically skilled in their craft.


There's nothing like physical art you can have and look at everyday...thats why now you can purchase my latest designs that come available in different formats - From pillows, stickers, metal prints, wood prints, standard prints that range from XS - XL, to even framed images in the color of your choosing + large poster sizes, canvas prints, laptop sleeves, cellphone cases, mugs, etc.