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A mother, a wife, and an introvert by nature, born and raised in Miami, FL, with a strong connection to my Dominican heritage. I enjoy daily walks to my mocha pot to make my espresso coffee - with heavy cream :) , watching various documentaries,  especially those that explore the mysteries of the mind that delve into the vast realm of the unknown and I also love reading...I am so fascinated by esoteric books, because I'm able to explore different perspectives that are often overlooked in mainstream literature. They also expand my understanding of the world & help me gain insights that challenge conventional wisdom.


I'm currently at a stage in my life where I'm just highly mindful of where I direct my attention...I'm always consciously choosing to invest it in things that contribute to my personal growth & well-being. As far as art, from a very young age, I always knew that this was my calling in life. It has always been my greatest passion and source of happiness. I vividly remember sitting at my desk at just 6 years old, meticulously drawing detailed self-portraits. Growing up, I loved graffiti and painting landscapes. In middle school, I even found a unique outlet for my creativity & entrepreneurial spirit by earning income through painting and designing backpacks for other students. 



As a graphic artist for 18 years, my love lies in photo retouching / photo manipulation designs. I enjoy combining those often overlooked stock photographs and 3D elements to create captivating static & motion imagery. Being a Virgo, I tend to embrace my perfectionist side – I'm very dedicated to ensuring that whatever task I do is executed flawlessly, with a commitment to giving my absolute best. When it comes to setting my mind on a goal, rest assured, I always make it happen. While some may see the sky as the limit, my belief extends beyond that. Greatness comes from believing you can achieve ANYTHING & consistently surpassing expectations. When it comes to my work, I always see both the bigger picture but also focus on the smallest details of a project. Attention to those details has always been my forte, because I believe it's the key to creating realistic & engaging artwork.


Observing the world around us, from the play of light and shadows to the reflections in rain-soaked puddles, really ignites my creativity. Combining my love for the aesthetics of the 80's & 90's with a fascination for futuristic concepts, my art fuses together nostalgic elements & forward-thinking ideas, resulting in images that pay homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of imagination.


I mainly find inspiration for my art in the world of films. Most of my work over time had naturally gravitated more towards themes of science fiction, horror, and dystopia, giving voice to the emotions that once consumed me. While some may find these subjects a little dark and depressing, I believe they provide a unique lens through which we can confront the harsh realities of our world. I had always felt that dystopian art allows us to question the impact of our actions and the future we are building. It's a raw and honest exploration of imperfection. While I thoroughly enjoy sharing my art, I've noticed that there are numerous pieces I've kept to myself. Most of the time, I create purely for my own satisfaction. There's a special connection to a craft when it becomes a source of personal fulfillment & vitality. For me, art isn't just an expression – it's an essential part of my being, & neglecting it feels like a piece of my soul just withers away.



My personal experiences of unresolved trauma since childhood also shaped my artistic vision a lot….These dark moments had opened my eyes to the less beautiful aspects of life that are often hidden, but it also led me to grapple with depression as an adult. Consequently, my artwork would often portray individuals facing frightening or mysterious situations, as they wrestled with their own mental trauma. Amidst the gloom though, there would be moments I would also bounce back and fourth & strive to offer a glimmer of hope. Some of my pieces would convey the belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The direction of my work would often just reflect my mood, allowing me to explore different themes and emotions.



My artistic journey definitely took a significant turn when I experienced a very profound spiritual awakening in the middle of 2023. After battling with my depression for so many years of my life, this awakening was the one thing that was able to heal me & lift me out of such a dark place...It's just had a profound impact on my mind and my art and how I view the world now. You can now see this transformation reflected more in my latest works & what I will be releasing soon...I just have this incredible newfound interest in metaphysical concepts, so I'm now infusing my art with elements that explore the depths of spirituality and the interconnectedness of the universe. Throughout this year, I truly have experienced so much personal growth both as an artist and as an individual. This growth, has really influenced the evolution of my artwork and the messages I intend to convey moving forward….I believe that through art, we can discover ourselves and learn what truly resonates within our creations. I’m just excited to share my new pieces, which reflect this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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